Mobility cars for children

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Harri07 Mon 02-Dec-19 15:20:47

Hi can any one give me a bit of advice please .
Here's my story ........
So in march of this year I gave birth to a pre prem baby , he was 16 weeks early born at 24weeks weighing 1lbs 14oz . Literally 10 months after my 6th child was born I no I'm mad but that was the card I was delt.....
After 125 days in NICU beating all the odds thrown at him I brought my Miracle baby boy home . Hes on a abbots pump feed as hes chambers dont close and eating or drinking could drown him from the inside , hes all so go stage 4/5 rop and at the minute classed as blind , hes also failed 3 hearing tests to is classed as deaf too , he got something called metabolic bone disease too .
He has to attend 4 hospital appointments every week , my partner was working as self employed for a construction company witch was amazing money but because of all the needs my pre prem needs I cant do it on my own (not with children aged between 10 and 10months ) it's in possible I tryed but failed so he has hate to give up work for atlest the next 12 months at least .
We have had no choose but to claim U/C , my son has been rewarded high dla but not the mobility part as hes under 3 😡 witch I think with all his care and appointments is beyond silly, as there rules are they need proof the child cant walk or cant only walk a very short distance. Witch he cant 🤣🤣 . I'm car has just gone to car heaven as the head has gone and I'd need a full new head witch now , I cant afford . For my self to get to all his appointments I'd have to take 5 different buses just to get there and it just not possible, if got no family to fall on or to ask for help and my partner doesn't drive it's only me .
I think it's so wrong they can Penalise a baby that needs the care my boy does . It's not the the car is free you still pay for it as it come out of his money every month but because hes under 3 they dont do it 😡😡 .
It's there any way I can try to get them to look in to this for him or is there any Grant's out there that would help me get a car for his needs , I really dont mind paying for one i just cant get financ on one iv tryed everything I can think of . My friend told me to set a go fund me page but I think its begging and rude 😪 .

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danni0509 Mon 02-Dec-19 15:58:34

Harri ask @mumsnet to post this in special needs section for you, you will get more answers in that section.

danni0509 Mon 02-Dec-19 15:59:13

Special needs chat or special needs children.

Hope someone sees soon and answers. X

MontStMichel Tue 03-Dec-19 22:09:09

Try seeing if you are eligible for help with the cost of transport to the appointments:

I see Universal Credit is a qualifying benefit, but you have to meet criteria?

10brokengreenbottles Tue 03-Dec-19 22:30:20

I second applying for travel costs to be reimbursed. &/or asking the hospital about patient transport.

It won't help with replacing your car, but you can also apply for a blue badge.

Also not directly relevant to getting a car, but maybe freeing up time and money, have you been referred to Home Start? Had a carer's assessment from social care? And your DS an assessment from the disabled children's team? Depending on DS' needs he may be eligible for Continuing Care funding. Applied for a family fund grant?

Harri07 Thu 05-Dec-19 18:22:18

What is home start ????
This is all new to me , and family fund grant are they on the internet do you no please . I think my friend get free holiday once a year from them for her autistic child xx

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Harri07 Thu 05-Dec-19 18:24:02

Thank you so much for all your help.

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KindleAndCake Thu 05-Dec-19 18:29:27

The under 3 rule for DLA mobility is there because all children under 3 need assistance with mobility that their parent/carers provide, like prams, buggies and so on. It's only after the age if 3 that it becomes apparent that extra help could be needed. Mobility is being unable to walk/walk a certain distance as well as being safe when out and about.

ArnoldBee Thu 05-Dec-19 18:34:18

Ring the family fund. I.know at one point they were looking at giving old motability cars to families with a child under 3 through the family fund but I don't know if this has gone further. Family fund do help with lots of different things so they will be able to signpost you or give you funding.

10brokengreenbottles Thu 05-Dec-19 18:39:59

Home Start is a charity that helps families with under 5s. They have volunteers that can come to your home and help you, give you a rest or help you getting out and about.

Family Fund give grants to some families with DC with ANs. From what you have posted here you would meet the eligibility criteria. The first grant takes longer to apply for, but is often more generous. The do give holiday grants, but it is unlikely you would get that every year.

Together for Short Lives were campaigning for a change to the rules for those under 3 who either have bulky medical equipment &/or need to be near a car in case they need treatment.

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