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Ali1705 Thu 29-Aug-19 07:52:29

Thank you for your opinion. When you go through a break up you run through all the possible scenarios... Its not that have any plans to get back with him at all... I just wondered what each scenario would like like. But I'm grateful for your response. Thank you

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Constance17 Wed 28-Aug-19 21:40:01

I didn't want to read and run. I think you know whether you can trust him fully again. If you feel safe then you shouldn't have any doubts and probably not be here asking for advice on MN.

Sorry if this is not what you want to hear but your and your dcs Safety should be your 1st priority. DH/DP may just be on best behaviour to win you over now and it has only been a few mths!!! Already you are thinking more children!! I wouldn't be thinking that if I were in your position, any idea where the anger came from? Has he done similar in the past with any ex partners? Do you know his immediate family/ siblings?

With regards to social services, I believe they have a duty of care for the next couple of years to make sure they check in and not to have any reoccurring incidents as part of safeguarding.

Ali1705 Wed 28-Aug-19 20:54:50

Hi. I'm new to this. Please dont judge me, I'm just looking for advise.
I was with my partner for many years and have two young children with him. We split up approximately 4 months ago after he strangled me after drinking too much.
He moved out but continued to see children, but in this time was very horrible to me, resulting in me going to police for advise. In hindsight the reason he was so horrible was because of the guilt that he felt after what he had done to me.
We have been doing contacts with the kids and it has been recently going well. He has completed a course of counselling and this seems to have really changed him.
I'm not saying I definatkey want to get back with him... But I wondered what my options were in terms of if I were to get back with him... Would social services get involved?
I spoke to social services when this all happened and they closed everything down straight away knowing that I was safeguarding the children.
Would social services become involved if we got back together? And what if we went on to have more children? Would they get involved as it is obviously on my Dr file that I've experienced domestic violence.
Like I say... I'm not saying I'm getting back with him... And don't feel like this will happen... Especially any time soon... But I just wondered what would happen.

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