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maroonpink Sun 04-Aug-19 10:35:45

I'm feeling so defeated at the moment. I'm a mum to 2 year old twins and I want to return to work. I left my work as I didn't enjoy it anyway and I couldn't afford to have anything negative in my life.

Fast forward and I recently had a job interview. Prepared for a while and attended on the day. Didn't get the job. Told I was 'rusty'. I feel like it's just not possible for me to get a job and be a mum of twins. I really did try my best. I also sensed some snobby regarding my previous job roles related to children and childcare. It's just not valued in society. Even though being a stay at home and childcare work was the hardest work I've ever had.

It's all very hard at the moment. Need someone to give me a break.

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