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Double Jeopardy

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moominsmummy Wed 11-Jul-07 09:43:17

Does anyfind that not only are you caring for the person you care for, but also caring for the people the person you care for would have cared for?? (IYSWIM??)

Hubbie has MS so now his father is ill with Dementia much of the caring falls to me (no other family to do it).

And if one more bloody well-meaning person asks how I am I think I shall hit them! I know they mean well but it would be much better if they offered to do something practical like look after my 2 year old so I can get my hair cut for the first time in 7 months. Grrrr.

sorry to have such a moan..just need to get it off my chest

catsmother Sun 15-Jul-07 21:26:05

Thankfully I can only imagine how tiring and frustrating it must be to be pulled in several different directions with no time at all for yourself.

MM, maybe if you said where you lived, maybe one or more Mners could help you out a bit with some of the practical stuff ? If you live anywhere near me, I'd look after your 2 year old so you could get your hair done (once you knew a bit more about me of course).

catsmother Sun 15-Jul-07 21:28:36

Drat ..... have just seen you live in Warrington, nowhere near me I'm afraid.

Why don't you tell the people who do ask that you're okay-ish ...... (pause) .... but would like to ask them a small favour. I'm sure anyone who knows you wouldn't mind being asked.

moominsmummy Tue 31-Jul-07 19:41:07

awww - thanks Catsmother - that's lovely - think things may get a bit better now - we are moving back to glossop where we know loads of people who will help out - we go on hols with some of them so DS loves going to see them - I may even get my hair cut soon!
FIL is in hospital and will only be discharged to a nursing home so generally things are a bit better
and i think i still have my sanity (if i could just find where i left it amongst all the moving chaos.....)

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