Insurance needed for self employed carer?

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highby Mon 08-Oct-18 23:07:39

I've answered an add recently that was asking for a carer/driver. The lady says I need insurance as a carer and to be registered as self employed. It's not going to be regular work just occasional outings to galleries and shops. Maybe assist trying on clothing etc. I do work part time in a school so am DBS cleared. Does anyone have experience in a similar role? I'm a bit worried about the cost of insurance and how being self employed affects my part time job. I guess as I will use her mobility car her insurance will cover me for the driving?

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April2018mom Fri 12-Oct-18 23:14:23

I see a lot of such advertisements in my local paper etc. Is there any way to find out what you are expected to do or not? What about telephone numbers?

NWQM Sat 13-Oct-18 12:40:11

Have a look at a website like which would give some pointers. Also google if there is something like a disability partnership in your area as they can help you and her as your employer.

In terms of your current job it is in most public sector workers contracts that you have to declare other employment & that there is no conflict. Always worth checking out with your HR. Can't imagine they would say no as it's meant to be a safeguard against conflicts.

hatgirl Sat 13-Oct-18 13:00:17

I would tread carefully with being self employed in these circumstances OP.

I understand that the lady is trying to avoid being an employer and all the hassle that goes with it but it's likely you/she will fall foul of HMRC rules in this respect.

Most local authorities will be able to signpost you/her to appropriate services to manage this issue as it's a fairly common one.

Alternatively there are specialist umbrella companies that effectively employ you on her behalf, but they obviously take a cut too.

Have a look at the homecare direct link above, they are one such company I know us often used by local authorities.

t00dle00 Sat 13-Oct-18 13:48:04

You also need a dbs for the role of a carer.

hatgirl Sat 13-Oct-18 17:09:40

Actually t00dle00 this would be a private arrangement and whilst the lady requiring the carer would be strongly advised to request a DBS check, in this scenario she can pay whoever she likes to do whatever she wants with no DBS if she wishes.

The OP also can't apply for an enhanced check as an individual, she would need to approach the local authority and ask them to do one on her behalf.

I suspect the lady may be satisfied that the OP will have been DBS checked as part of her part time role. But really it's not satisfactory (no offence OP!)

highby Sat 13-Oct-18 22:36:28

I actually have a couple of DBS checks because of other jobs I do.

I've emailed the lady looking for a carer to say she needs someone who has other clients. It's going to cost me around £90 a year and I'm not guaranteed any hours so it probably wouldn't be worth my while. I don't think she understands my situation. I would only be helping her and not anyone else.

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