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Benandhollysmum Mon 11-Jun-18 10:32:43

I can’t get one foot in the door of something I’m desperate to do. I was told off a careers advisor that to get a job in carehomes it help if I had a friend that worked there.
I tried college to get qualifications but it was aimed at those who wanted to do social work or nursing and only class in older adult was always cancelled or the lecturer just messed about.
I’ve a lifetime of experience, and yet when I read about abuse in care homes it infuriates me and Here’s me who loves caring for the elderly, genuine respect for them and yet can’t get a chance and others who abuse old people get in no problem.

I’ve even applied for home caring but because I can’t drive im at a disadvantage.
Very frustrating, any carers out there that can give me tips on how to get into a career I want to do?

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seventhgonickname Thu 05-Jul-18 23:10:57

What qualifications do you have?
Have you applied to care homes,hospitals ,retirement homes?Difficult to advise without knowing.

Kennycalmit Sat 01-Sep-18 21:12:34

Home caring I really wouldn’t recommend. There’s a reason why a lot of decent carers won’t do it

I used to. It was heartbreaking sometimes. When you have 30 minutes to bathe, dress, tidy, sort and give out medication, give breakfast and wash up etc it isn’t doable. If you’re late the time is then taken out the next clients house so you’re playing catch up. It’s hard.

Try your hospital. There are always hca jobs going in my local hospital.

I’m shocked you’re finding it so difficult to find care work. Most places are crying out for carers.

spinabifidamom Thu 27-Sep-18 20:55:30

What skills do you have?

Remember it’s hard work. You’re better off being a support worker instead. Seriously. What about seeing if you can find any opportunities at local hospitals? Do you have any experience or not? Do you have a up to date CV? I think that you will definitely find it considerably easier if you do have one that’s reasonably up to date. But if you genuinely want to do it, have a look at this website-

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