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Husband wants to join the TA

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MsLeesha11 Tue 18-Apr-17 12:43:03

So me and the hubby have been together 12 years married 4 and have two kiddies(5 and 3),
He has always done what's best for the family job wise to make sure we have enough money to basically live! But now he wants to do something for him as well as having a good life for us all! We have talked about the pros and cons but the pros are definitely outweighing the cons.
Just wanted some advice from anyone that is a military wife/mum
Thank you

FritzDonovan Wed 26-Apr-17 22:28:56

Not sure what your pros are, and my situation is slightly different in that dh is full time military. I would say that after so long married and with two young dc, you might not be happy with the amount of time he spends away (including all the socialising) . However, I've been living with this for a long time, and obviously as a main career it has more consequences in other aspects of family life than I suspect the TA would. Sorry I can't help more.

FritzDonovan Wed 26-Apr-17 22:31:24

Also, don't know if you have done this already, but probably repost or get this moved to a different topic?

MsLeesha11 Thu 27-Apr-17 07:23:24

Thank you yeah it gonna be a lot of changes but he's done things we're he's worked long hours so not seen the kids etc and he's s very social guy anyway so if out a fare bit or at the gym!
Also I work frm home too so we always very busy and it will give me more time to work lol I'm not sure how I get it moved or repost it 🙈so new to it all x

FritzDonovan Fri 28-Apr-17 08:39:08

Hmm, it's a fair bit different having them away from home completely rather than working long hours but back late/around at weekends. But I'm not sure how much time away the TA requires, and it's probably not more than a week away in one go? My OH joined the naval reserves, this inspired him to join the navy properly. It was very difficult for me to be left for a long time while he trained, went interesting places and socialised with lots of new people. He didn't understand my reservations with it, we almost broke up twice, and this was pre kids. I'm honestly wondering how him joining the TA has any benefit to you as a family. But good luck.
I think you can report your post by clicking on the three dots at the bottom of a post, and ask to get it moved to relationships, where you'll get a lot more traffic and comments. There's also 'forces sweethearts' (I think), but that's quieter smile

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