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Bupa care homes

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Charlie19 Tue 22-Nov-16 14:23:54

I am in the process of considering a care home for my mother with Alzheimer's. I want a local home and considering various Bupa care homes and have now read some comments and fear making the wrong decisions.

Are they all bad or only some?
Are there any homes to avoid. The ones I am looking at have Good CvQ reports?

I am visiting soon. What should I be looking for? Which questions should I ask.

I appreciate an feedback.

HusbandNumber1 Tue 06-Dec-16 23:16:44

Ask what their staffing levels are. The nearer to 1:1 staff to patient it is the better.

Ask what percentage of agency staff they use and what percentage of weekly hours are covered by agency staff. More than 25% would raise alarm bells for me.

Read the last couple of cqc reports and quizz the home on how they're rectifying defects.

Does the place smell of wee? (Avoid)

Ask to see the activities schedule. Go and see an activity.

How's the seating laid out in the lounge? If the seats are all against the wall I'd avoid the place - this isn't best practice.

HusbandNumber1 Tue 06-Dec-16 23:18:32

Oh and get to see a menu and possibly a meal. Would you eat it?

Charlie19 Wed 07-Dec-16 12:00:00

Thank you for your advice. A few more questions for my list. I appreciate it.

unfortunately a very daunting and emotional task. Our family have coped alone and the help offered is basically a complete and utter waste of time let alone waste of public money!! We have managed avoiding EVERY service except for our GP and pharmacist whose help and advice have been exceptional. The fact I am forced into the 'system' is the biggest problem our family faces! Strangers who really do not care, doing their job, going through files, deadlines and reports. Half the information incorrect and walking into a 'system' which quite frankly looks as if it is the biggest profit making 'business' of our Country makes me fear and doubt the care my mother will receive.

I will take my time and investigate further before making any decisions. Received advice to avoid Bupa completely. I shall commence visiting some homes soon.
i am praying for the best.

wickerlampshade Mon 13-Feb-17 19:30:59

I've visited several and they are universally awful. BUPA is the worst health insurance provider, why would they be any better at care homes?

Welshmamma Fri 10-Mar-17 21:57:48

I would look for somewhere small and locally owned if possible xx

NecklessMumster Fri 10-Mar-17 22:04:05

I'm an adult care sw, our local bupa care home isn't great. Homes can change though. Age UK has fact sheets on what to look out for, also Elderly Accommodation Council I think.

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