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How can I best support my mum?

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Elvesandthepoomaker Thu 04-Aug-16 13:27:19

DGM has lived with my parents since 1989. My Dad died in 2002 so the house is now just DM and DGM. DGM's health has declined since I moved back to the UK two years ago - she has chronic heart disease, a history of strokes and slight dementia which is exacerbated by pain. She is generally absolutely coherent but has always had a strong personality and cows my mother, who is in a position of caring for DGM and following every cardiac incident etc, while not being at all emotionally resilient - her life has been on hold since Dad died and she is now trapped at home for days on end if DGM has had an attack. I am limited in what I can do to help as I live a 2 hours drive away (on a good day, on the M25) and have two young DDs. My DH gets frustrated that my Mum won't do anything to help her own situation but I think she's just become depressed and fatalistic. Is there anything I can do to support her? I've suggested speaking to Alzheimers Support and getting in respite but it all seems too much effort for her.

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