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Best websites/forums for Adult Social Care?

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NewspaperTaxis Fri 29-Jul-16 17:26:05

Hi, this Mumsnet forum is great, but there's not much traffic on it. I wonder if anyone could recommend other sites for those with elderly parents, those who are carers? Not sure whether to post this on here or 'Elderly Parents'...

I can name two: Compassion in Care which is a charity run by Eileen Chubb, a whistleblower who worked in a care home. See her Twitter feed too.

Also, Your Voice Matters is a website that gives a lot on the background of private care homes and govt policy, it's a bit new and unpolished but brings a new angle on it.

Any other suggestions? It would be much appreciated, esp if there is a forum attached where people can air their experiences, like here.

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