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CA beware of overtime

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lessthanBeau Mon 01-Jun-15 17:59:37

I am so angry about this, I work 12 hours a week, I had been looking after my dB until he died in march, as I sometimes worked an extra shift my earnings were classed as irregular so I had to send in monthly payslips, over Xmas due to having bank holidays I earned £43 over the limit, so due to monthly payslips instead of weekly I was not entitled to 3 weeks ca, that's over £180 due to one week with 2 bank holidays! then after my dB died I was told I would get ca for a further 8 weeks, I was paid for 5 weeks, when I called to ask why I hadn't had 8 weeks, I was told that as I wasn't entitled to ca for 3 weeks for earning over the limit during the period (that's £43 over should we forget) I wouldn't get the full 8 weeks, if I had weekly payslips i would have only lost 1 week ca, and got 8 weeks bereavement , so in reality that £43 has now cost me over £360 in ca.
what is the government playing at with this, how much did I and all you other carers save them with our care, and they treat us like this, its disgusting. I would have done the caring regardless of any monetary gain, and luckily I didn't have to rely on the payments but so many others out there do. this is what they think we're worth angry

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