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BUPA care homes

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icare1242 Wed 10-Dec-14 13:51:16

My elderly mother been in a bupa care home for 4 years. Manager number 10 starting in January. Constantly understaffed. CQC been called in but to no avail. Huge staff turnover - agency staff constantly used. Residents left in their own mess, call bells going unanswered. Management make numerous promises and improvements made which last a couple of weeks - then its back to normal chaos. God help our elderly - they fought a war for us and look how they are treated. Thought bupa had a good reputation but I would never recommend them to anyone. Too many chiefs (on huge salaries) and not enough Indians (on the minimum wage) - same old story.

bonzo77 Wed 10-Dec-14 22:30:34

Very interesting. And desperately sad. I am so sorry to hear the situation your mum is in. I have seen similar both within this chain and others. (I visit care homes in a professional capacity). Actually I see a lot of care homes / nursing homes and while there is a huge range of standards, the proportion that are IMO awful is outlandish. I've found the smaller independent homes on the whole much more caring. Sometimes they lack mod cons, like ensuites, residents use the same room as both a lounge and dining room, but there seems to be much more accountability, care, knowledge and homeliness.

If you google "reporting safeguarding concerns in care home" + your local council name, you should find a number to use locally to bypass CQC. AgeUK may also be helpful, and where your believe physical / sexual / financial abuse is occuring you can involve the police.

I really hope you manage to resolve this.

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