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Aging parents caring for DB? What help available?

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travellingtime Mon 20-May-13 11:42:59

Situation as follows:
DM & DF each with respective health issues of their own - DM has ulcer on leg, which is slow healing due to historic issues & DF recently diagnosed with Emphasyma, suspect other issues as yet not diagnosed.
DB is recouperating with them following full pancreatectomy. His 'official residence' is in another area entirely but he his single and has no support network in his area, hence him staying with them
DB has always been difficult but his staying with my folks is taking its toll on them both physically and emotionally.
DPs very non-confrontational people, also despite both of them being in 'caring' professions all their working life, are seeing all the issues mounting up here!
DF said to me he would even consider putting DB in a private care home for a week, just to provide them with some respite - not a sensible long term plan but I can see where he is coming from.
I think Social Services need to be involved, but I dont know how to takle this - it is complicated by the fact that he is only temporarily resident with them and his own place is in a different local authority.
Anyone got any suggestions ?
BTW, impossible for DB to come and stay at DH recovering from an Op at ours, and we have 2 small DCs.

fubbsy Mon 20-May-13 13:19:06

If I were you, I would contact social services on behalf of your parents. They should be entitled to support from because they are elderly and have health problems, as well as specific support for carers. Obviously the amount and type of support available will vary enormously depending on how good (or otherwise) their local authority are.

I would also get in touch with Age UK. They have an advice line 0800 169 6565. When I called them regarding my PIL, they put us in touch with a local Age UK branch, who were very helpful.

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