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How do I get respite?

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kickassmomma Sun 10-Feb-13 21:52:47

My daughter is 2.7 and vented during sleep. Sometimes she is an angel and will go all night without one alarm or stir, other nights it can be so bad as soon as I've done with one problem and my head hits the Pillow another comes a lot and it's not worth going to sleep. Also dd is also getting ravelled up in her vent pipe and saturation lead often it wrapping round her neck. Currently my mum helps so gets up with dd in the Morning while I sleep in. But she has a degenerative condition of her spine and is in a lot of pain constantly. I can't cope alone but feel guilty when my mum helps. We have had an assessment via ss and they said we didn't qualify for any help! Neither do I get any relief from
Community workers via the hospital. How Do I go about getting a little bit of respite or carers to help during the night?x

Choccybaby Mon 06-May-13 09:27:23

Might be a bit late, but have you had a continuing care assessment? If not ask for one via SS. If you have already and don't qualify then ask for a carers needs assessment. I'd be surprised if you don't qualify for any help but you might have to contribute financially if not cont care eligible.

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