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I need some local 'carer buddies' for when I take my Dad can I find some?

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MushroomSoup Mon 24-Dec-12 20:58:57

Where are you?

Pagwatch Sat 01-Dec-12 21:22:45

Yy. Good idea.

NormaSnorks Sat 01-Dec-12 21:17:40

Actually - I could contact the local Parkinson's group - hadn't thought that...

Pagwatch Sat 01-Dec-12 21:12:12

There are carers groups in lots of areas. I would ask at your GP surgery.
I am trying to think about the support groups I know about but I think I get lots of stuff via ds2s school.
I will look at some of the stuff i have and post again if I find any links.

Not much help. Sorry.

NormaSnorks Sat 01-Dec-12 21:07:46

My elderly father has parkinson's and dementia, and if I take him out e.g. to the garden centre/ shopping centre/ National Trust tea-shop etc I now find it quite stressful and lonely, as he doesn't really talk, and sometimes I struggle to manage everything on my own.

I feel it would be great if I could find someone in a similar situation, and then we could push wheelchairs together and have a natter?

But I have no idea how to find someone in the same situation?

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