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NICE consultation on early years and emotional development

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Lindee Thu 31-May-12 23:03:50

Hi. I just wanted everyone to know about this National Institute of Clinical Excellence consultation and wondered if mumsnet as a group wanted to feed into it? My daughter died, by suicide, three years ago and I have since found out that the seed of most mental health problems starts in the years 0-3. Most of our family have OCD or Tourettes (they are on the autistic spectrum along with ADHD-a very strong genetic link in our extended family) and we had a series of bereavements when she was two. Early trauma is another risk factor for poor mental health (my other children are fine, my daughter had severe OCD). I am concerned that there is not a good list of stakeholders on this consultation and also that it is completely geared towards low income families and lone parents, whereas early trauma of any type (bereavement, divorce, loss of siblings) is known to play a big part and we know mental health can hit anyone. Would anyone care to contribute??

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