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Recent DLA applications - *any* good news stories?

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Matildarae Wed 20-Jun-12 14:20:42

Reassessed not teased

Matildarae Wed 20-Jun-12 14:19:50

It won't be indefinitely though everyone even those with life awards will be teased for pip

2old2beamum Thu 26-Apr-12 16:50:23

DD age 27 has just her DLA awarded indefinitely and I did not even get a renewal form to fill in!! confused

typoqueen Wed 25-Apr-12 17:01:31

i agree with thegoldroad, we had problems a few years ago when we were told dh should be on high rate not middle rate and after we filled the forms in it was actually changed to low rate!! he has a degenerative spinal condition its not going to get better, we went to the CAB and they were wonderful really helped us out apparently dh used the wrong words on the form ie he put sometimes instead of frequently.....i cant praise the CAB enough they are wonderful, we got it changed to high rate and back dated smile

tribpot Thu 29-Dec-11 15:59:47

Thanks Gold - it's been renewed a number of times already so fingers crossed.

I'll definitely get in touch with them if the application fails.

TheGoldRoad Thu 29-Dec-11 15:56:41

Not me personally, but I volunteer at the Citizens Advice Bureau where I fill in DLA applications and renewals every week almost for clients - mostly successfully!
Renewals are much more straightforward than initial applications, try not to worry too much. Some are unchanged and some get a higher rate and some get reduced.
Think about going to the CAB who can assist you with the form and if necessary, appeal the decision with representation at a tribunal if appropriate.

tribpot Thu 29-Dec-11 15:27:27

I've been waiting for the axe to fall on DH's DLA since the changes were announced and sure enough, a renewal application form appeared last month sad

Has anyone succeeded in having their DLA renewed recently? He can barely walk - can manage c. a dozen steps (can climb the stairs with difficulty) and uses an electric wheelchair both in and outside the home (downstairs only at home).

I actually wouldn't mind if his benefit was reduced to zero and we had to make the equivalent payments on his motability vehicle - it wouldn't be easy but a hell of a lot easier than paying for a modified van ourselves. But I just have a terrible feeling we're going to go through a very stressful assessment and end up having to give his van back. God knows how he will even get to his hospital appointments then - the wheelchair is too big to go on the bus or train.

Sigh. I just wish they could save the money by leaving the assessment criteria the same and means testing the benefit, if collecting all the tax owed to them by large firms like Vodafone is simply too difficult ...

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