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What happens next?

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Frog253 Sun 30-Oct-11 08:08:51

DBil is nearing the end of his life, he's been ill and not at work for the last 13 years. DSil gave up work too in order to look after DBil. They live in a HA house and survive on benefits, they have 2 children 1 adult and 1 teenager. They have a motorbility car.
So what happens when he dies? Presumably the car goes straight away? Will DSil have to live on JSA straight away or are there any benefits available to someone in her situation who has essentially been made redundant. I know that she will be keen to work again, it's something she has missed being DBil's carer. BUT I can't see her going to DBil's funeral one day and starting a job the next day. She's not well qualified so doesn't have a career to return to and without a car life will be pretty challenging as they arn't near bus routes.
Any experience appreciated.

I can't help, but i'm bumping as you really need some helpful advice.

Hope it works out. Have you tried contacting social services on her behalf?

Frog253 Mon 31-Oct-11 14:53:00

Have been to carer's UK website and they have some information. Sounds like there is some money to tide her over for a bit. Probably not much though.

readsalotgirl Sun 06-Nov-11 20:23:47

Have no experience I'm afraid but what about Citizens Advice Bureau ? They should be able to point you in the right direction. Also contact your local social services - there may be a social worker with repsonsibility for carers who can advise.

Good luck

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