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Bathroom refitting - wetroom/level walk-in shower

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gingeroots Sat 07-Apr-12 10:27:36

Could you ask their local authority ?

Here in London my mother qualified ( age and frailty ) to have a downstairs utilty room converted into a shower room .
She only paid a small amount ( I think something like a £1500 ) towards cost .
LA's pay for it under a grant system they have .

Has been complete godsend .

Expensive, although obviously it depends on how big the room is.  The walls of a wet room have to be "tanked" which is like a waterproof membrane put behind the tiles.  Think of a sheet of polystyrene insulation like 5 ml thick but waterproof.  The existing room will have to be taken right back to brick work, tanked, sealed, and tiled on top - or if not tiles then similar, you can't have plaster board and painted.  The existing fittings may need replaced if they cant accomodate the tanking.  Floor has to be angled to ensure water runs to the drain, and tiled over. (tilers hate this on a not-level floor!) It's worth getting a really good extractor fan factored in as well, as wet rooms have more steam circulating than in a cubicle iyswim.   

Get quotes from a number of different people, and references too.   

Maybe you should post in diy?   

SilkStalkings Sun 03-Apr-11 21:37:28

Anyone have a clue how much this costs roughly? Trying to convince my ILs to move house before they get frail, working out the cost of making their current home sustainable.

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