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2011 Census

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harrowwoman Wed 09-Mar-11 17:48:13

Hi all
I am new to Mumsnet, hope someone can help me with this census question as I am stumped.
Answer the remaining questions for your main job or, if not working, your last main job.
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Your main job is the job in which you usually work (worked) the most hours.
I am a foster carer, do I answer as full time employed, self employed or not employed at all?
any help much appreciated.

PrincessScrumpy Wed 09-Mar-11 20:53:25

Can you call for clarification? Possibly not employed as you don't pay tax or get a salary, it's an allowance isn't it?

Mind you, if you put in foster carer, I don't think they'll arrest you and it'll be accurate.

Form is very stupid and I have a feeling many will be inaccurate! smile

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