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Family meeting with doctor and social worker

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shrove Mon 21-Feb-11 19:08:01

Hello, we've been asked to attend a family meeting by my Mum's Doctor. I really don't know what to expect and would really appreciate any advice. My Mum is in a rehab hospital after surgery for a broken hip - this is her second fracture in 6 months. We've been told she has MRSA and is a CDiff carrier. Yet the Ward Sister today indicated that she was making good progres with the physio. Is this about patching her up and passing her on? Cynical I know but feel so helpless as refused care package when she went home last time.

edam Mon 21-Feb-11 19:13:32

Sorry to hear about your Mum. Hopefully this is good news and they are coming up with a proper plan for her care after discharge.

Can you get back to the doctor and ask what the aim of the meeting is and whether you should bring any information or there's any information they can give you in advance so you are properly prepared?

mumcanIaskaquestion Mon 21-Feb-11 20:24:03

sorry about your mum, but as Edam says i would assume that your mum dr and social worker would like to come to agreed care package for your mum.

shrove Mon 21-Feb-11 20:27:57

thank you! That is sound sensible advice. I am going to sit down and get my thoughts together. The priority is how her poor body is coping with the bugs. And maybe at this stage it's enough to ask what their thoughts are on her living on her own but for a later discussion. She has been such an independent lady. We think good residential care, close to us - it's possible - with her coming out to visit/stay for short periods is something to think about. To date she won't hear of it. I can't be with her 24/7. I work, have young kids and no brothers or sisters. Probably sounds v familiar to many. Thanks Mumsnet. Problem shared... Will post how I get on.

edam Mon 21-Feb-11 21:52:25

Yes, do let us know how it works out. And I hope your Mum recovers from the C. diff and MRSA. Miserable for her.

shrove Tue 22-Feb-11 19:30:10

Hi just to let you know meeting went better than expected. Felt that this time Doctor/Social services taking much more involvement my mother's situation and care. We were given a plan of what is likely to happen next and they listened to our views and concerns. That definitely didn't happen the last time. Our own GP had warned us that at her age -89- and health it would be a series of downward steps. But feel a lot more accepting of things and want to enjoy her for as long as I can. Now I just need to try and get some practical help from work on time off, help with workload etc! Very supportive of a colleague last year, hoping for favour returned....

royguts Tue 25-Sep-12 15:29:38

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