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Can anyone help???

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DanJARMouse Sun 30-Jan-11 11:19:11

Morning all!

My rather lovely 85yr old Gran had a fall on Thursday evening, and is currently still in hospital. She has broken her left wrist and is still in pain and has had to have it re-set twice.

She is hoping to get home tomorrow, and the Hospital have said she will qualify for 4 weeks home care to help her get washed/dressed etc.

What I really want to know is if anyone has any recommendations for meals on wheels type service, she doesnt have a freezer or microwave, but we are lending her our microwave, and can keep any meals here. She has had friends who have had local authority meals and all of them have said they are not great.

Im not looking for daily meals, maybe just a few a week to take the pressure off us a bit, as being here with 3 kids to sort for school and nursery etc I cant do it all.

Also, any ideas for easy meals I can make in advance that she can just heat up and eat!

My aunty has said she will come up "towards the end of the 4 weeks of care to take over" but that doesnt really help now!

Thanks in advance! Im going out of my mind with all the stuff Im going to have to fit in over the next 4 weeks!

asdx2 Sun 30-Jan-11 11:26:42

Our elderly neighbours havethis service turn up fortnightly

DanJARMouse Sun 30-Jan-11 11:45:45

I had looked at them.

Do you know what the quality is like? Ive seen them advertised (when I lived in England, now in Scotland) so not sure what the quality is like?

asdx2 Sun 30-Jan-11 12:39:45

I'm sorry I don't know I only see the van turn up every fortnight.

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