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fed up carer goes back to work and now lives BELOW the poverty line

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PipinJo Sun 26-Aug-12 01:06:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kayah Tue 25-Jan-11 09:35:05

I am sorry to hear that your family is in such distress.

Is your daughter as a 21 year old entitled to any extra financial help?

I would hope you could get a mobile phone contract for less than £100/month for lots of minutes calls free - have you looked into it?

salsmum Tue 25-Jan-11 00:59:04

Today I ended up in tears at the C/Tax office After being a carer for my DD who is severely disabled with Cerebral Palsy for the past 20 yrs I have returned to work a year ago working 2 jobs (total fluke) and bringing 1 job £500 pcm and £400 pcm on 2nd job. My IS stopped as did my carers allowance because i earn £100 per week C/T and H/B after paying full rent with water rates £500 per month this left me £600 (with DLA) a month to live on..minus phone bill £100 (I ring alot of hospitals) bank loan of £70 a month and gas n electric= gas £10 a day and electric £6 (extra heating and electric for my daughter)and other DDs I am left with less than £200 a month to live on. I cannot apply for work tax cred because my daughter is 21 and even though I've now had to give up 1 job (i get £500) with remaining job because i work 20 hours (as paid carer) i cannot get any help! Today I just broke down and cried after applying for C/T AND H/B because they say theres an overpayment and i own H/B £2000 shockMy partner supports my DD while I work so he cannot work full time while I do my 20 hour job. I just feel backed into a corner by simply going back to work, naively thinking that the Government wants to 'help' people/carers back to work...every door is closing and its effecting my health. Cant live on benefits...cant live and work!.
I don't want my daughter feeling like a liability but at the same time life is getting so stressful. But I don't want to give up my remaining job but the house is so cold and we can barely afford to eat.
Sorry for the long post but I just dont know where to turn CAB misinformed us and told us we could apply for WTCredit but when i rang them they said no (because of DDs age).

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