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to be there for my friend, another cancer

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bicback Mon 24-Jan-11 18:20:19

not sure if i am in the right place but wanted some adice, if poss. my oldest friend who i rarely see but we are more like sisters from afar told me today when i called her that her (breast) cancer has returned although it apparently isn't a secondary, instead a unique separate one which she said is better. she only had a mamo' about amonth ago but has just found a lump size of 10p and turns out it is cancer. she is having opp on wednesday to have it removed. last time i was there for her and went through it with her, listening to her talk etc, she is incredibly private and didn't tell barely anyone last time, or will this time. she is also a very proud person when it comes to 'looks' as unlike me (lazy/tom boyish) she takes huge pride in her appearance and the thought of her having to go through chemo again is awful. what really worries me is the result from the biopsy after op to decide what course of action. i fear she may have to have a mastectomy as this new cancer is in the other breast, i can't imagine how she will deal with this, i am sure it has occurred to her. she is only mid 40's and has a 6 year old dd, i just don't want to say the wrong thing but do not know what to say as it seems bleaker this time although obviously i won't say that but i am very worried

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