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Group 1 car seat for '04 YARIS??

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mumsta2lydia Mon 12-Apr-10 16:43:41


We have a 2004 Yaris (5dr) and need to move up to Group 1 car seat (9 month to 4 years).

Easy, you might think...? We have spend DAYS in Mothecare trying everyone of their car seats in the Yaris, in all cases the seat buckle sits either too high or too low - amazingly we're told its at an 'inbetween length' for how car seat manufacturers design their group 1 seats.

We can't be the first to come across this - wondered if anyone else in the predicament had found a solution?

For info, the following don't fit:
Maxi Cosi Tobi, Priori XP (seat belt), Axiss, Pearl.
Britax Eclipse, King, Duo Plus (too much movement back & forth due to rear back support reclining too much so no contact with back of car seat, were advised the Safefit would suffer the same issue although it wasn't tried), First Class (including alternative routing of seat belt).
I may have forgotten a few, we tried so many.

The Maxi Cosi Priorifix was the only one the fitter said was passable, but even this one had a fair degree of movement in the back & forth direction due to rear seat back support being inclined more than most cars, so ultimatley we are not happy to put our precious cherub in it. There should be no movement, not car seat moving about 10 cm on the top head level, even if it is fixed to the car chassis by isofix!

Really don't want to have to get rid of my car, had it since new and it's been well looked after (it's my other baby).

Any other big car seat sellers (we're in Cheshire) aside from Mothercare we could try? Places like John Lewis and Halfords only stock the big sellers that Mothercare already have.

Finally, I've contacted Toyota about it, they sell a 'Duo Plus' for my car. They won't confirm it is the same as the Britax one, but surely there isn't two with same name..? As the Britax Duo Plus didn't fit, I'm worried about commiting to purchasing it (Britax Duo Plus £200 at, Toyota Duo Plus £260!!) and they can't / won't order one in just for me to trial, I'd have to purchase.

Thanks muchos for any advice / suggestions.

mumsta2lydia Mon 12-Apr-10 16:45:14

Oh Britax Evolva 1-2-3 doesn't fit either, seat belt buckle sits on car seat or something where seat belt webbing should be.

nicm Mon 12-Apr-10 18:14:45

mmm, i wouldn't order the toyota car seat as it is probably the britax seat as renault sold the isofix seat with a support leg even though you shouldn't use a support leg over storage boxes!

you could try they sell the britax two way elite and it is good for cars that suffer from buckle crunch as there are many ways to install the seat or the KISS which is isofix and is good for small cars. i would give them a call and see what they recommend-they may have fitted in a car like yours before?

oh and don't worry that rf might not fit as you have a small car, have used it in my mums clio wioth plenty of room in the front seat.

mumsta2lydia Mon 12-Apr-10 21:17:05

I wouldn't mind a rear facing seat, but no where near me sells them (I'd want to try before I buy after the experiences at mothercare).

I can't believe this is happening!!!! What happened to 'universal' car seats?!

Yes ditto the toyota duo plus, I don't plan on buying that without seeing it first, as I'm worried like you say it'll be the britax at an inflated price, which may pass a sales person's safety standards but not ours for our little Lydia when there's movement in the seat and a great gap down the rear you could fit your hand in.

Incidently I'd previously been fitted at mothercare and the first sales girl told me britax first plus and priorifix were fine, but today the lady showed me the various reasons why neither safe, which is a shock really how one could get them wrong. What if I'd gone ahead and bought one the first time, it doesn't bear thinking of.

nicm Mon 12-Apr-10 22:16:54

call simon at the in car safety centre and ask him-he really knows his stuff. 028 9074 2052 ask for his advice and see what he thinks.

Adventuredad Thu 15-Apr-10 15:06:44

Please send me an email with a photo of your seat belt situation and I'll have a look at it (hakan AT Britax Hi-Way, rear facing 0-25 kg, is the normal recommendation for a Yaris. I know many hwo have this car installed. It fits nicely and is also on the official car fitting list from Britax. This seat also comes with a styrofoam piece from Britax which means it can be reclined even more if sat belt crunch is an issue.

This seats is suitable since it's compact and light weight. It has a "standard height" seat shell, for Swedish seats, which means comfortable rear facing until age 4-4.5 for most children.


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