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Stage 0 in the middle back seat

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MillyMollyMoo Sat 20-Mar-10 20:59:35

Does this generally work ? I seem to remember we used to put the baby seat behind the driver or the passenger seat but this time I will have 4 children only one of which will need a booster and one in a baby seat so to save fights I am considering one either side of the baby and one in the front.
Does that sound ok ?

Surprise Sat 20-Mar-10 21:04:31

I think it depends on whether you have a proper seat belt in the middle. If it's just a lap belt, then no, I wouldn't.

MillyMollyMoo Sat 20-Mar-10 21:05:46

No it'll be a three point harness seat belt.
Shame I can't find one with three isofix points we can afford

mowcop Sat 20-Mar-10 21:08:46

we were told the safest place was in the middle of the middle row. Logistically it has always worked out well for us, but it can be a bit of a mither fastening it in and getting it in and out.

Loopymumsy Sun 21-Mar-10 06:51:36

Message withdrawn

MillyMollyMoo Sun 21-Mar-10 10:55:37

No I would have to belt it in everytime but compared to fighting children or buying an 8 seater it seems the simplest solution if it's safe.
I've a while to go yet, just gone into nesting "I want everything ready" mode this weekend.
Unfortunately that includes a new car and full decoration lol

Loopymumsy Sun 21-Mar-10 11:02:01

Message withdrawn

Flame Sun 21-Mar-10 11:16:56

having tried a few weeks with the big 2 next to each other... DD2 is now firmly in the middle to stop the hitting and hair pulling.

sazm Tue 23-Mar-10 14:33:06

we our babyseat in the middle,
it wouldnt fit on one side with a 2 hi-backed boosters.
it fit in the middle perfectly.
we left it in the car though as it was pain to lift in/out,only time it was a problem was when he got bigger,wasnt so easy to slide him in/out.
he is now in the middle in a forward facing seat and it fits great.

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