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Britax Evolva

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Midge25 Sat 20-Mar-10 19:46:41

Hi there. We bought this model for our dd, now aged 2.2, last year. The idea is that by gradually removing padding/harness/back, it should last til she's 4. Unfortunately I've lost the instruction book it came with, and now have no idea at what age we can remove the inner padding and 5-point harness, to convert it into the 'next stage', iyswim.

nicm Sat 20-Mar-10 23:43:15

most harnesses last to 18kgs. would look on the britax website and see if you can get a copy of the instructions there. it's best to use the 5 point for as long as possible as it's much safer for them than just the adult seatbelt.

nicm Sat 20-Mar-10 23:46:47

just found the instructions

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