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maxi cosi rodi xp/xr in pink??

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izzybiz Thu 11-Mar-10 20:49:57

We had a car accident and Dd's high back booster had to be disposed of, I want to get her another one as it has 2 reclining positions and as far as I know is the only high back booster that does. Needed for long car trips.

Hers was the pink colour and she'd really like the same one again, anyone have any idea on where to find one? They seem to be out of stock everywhere I have looked.


nicm Fri 12-Mar-10 20:59:53

hi, hope you are all ok?! can't seem to find the seat anywhere in pink, although there is a 'pinkish' car seat the xr bubble dream in europe.,311268427240-8861,e,1268427 263-31377,babyartikel.autositze.15kg36kg,dor68903140,41,Tshowrub--babyartikel.autositze.15kg36kg,,a_ lshop.htm although it's maybe not pink enough! wink

britax have a pink one in their kidfix and kidplus range 'bella' which is much more pink...hth a little

lynniep Sat 13-Mar-10 17:24:02


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