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Chest pads...where to get replacement or spares?

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MummyTumble Sat 06-Mar-10 06:58:53

Any ideas?? I've managed to lose the chest pads for the carseat.....

EldonAve Sat 06-Mar-10 07:15:13

manufacturer or jojo or thebabycatalogue

there is a brand called sunshine kids that makes them

MummyTumble Sat 06-Mar-10 07:45:35

Thanks - had tried the usual suspects including jojo....will have another look and look for sunshine a mirror from them i think...

MummyTumble Sat 06-Mar-10 07:49:36

got some on amazon smile

babs2008 Thu 18-Mar-10 21:52:39

Take a look here sunshine kids soft wraps

They are local to us and we bought some recently however they do mail order. I also just got a discount code for them in their mailshot just type "FIVE" for an extra 5% discount.

babs2008 Thu 18-Mar-10 21:53:28

Whoops...just seen the last post MummyTumble. :-) Glad you got some.

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