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Britax Cosy Tot in a new style Galaxy

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lorisparkle Thu 04-Mar-10 23:03:02

We are planning on buying a new style Galaxy for our growing family. We currently have a Britax 123 and Maxi Cosi Tobi and on checking the websites these will fit. However because the Britax Cosy Tot is an old car seat it is not on the Britax website so can't check compatability.

If anyone has a new style Galaxy and have tried a cosy tot in it I would love to hear your comments. The one thing that does concern me is that the cosy tot is renowned for needing a long seat belt.

BertieBotts Wed 10-Mar-10 10:18:40

Most newer cars tend to have longer seatbelts than older cars, so that should be fine. I assume it is a standard infant carrier type seat - I have always found if a seatbelt is short, that you can get it to fit by pulling the carseat up into an almost vertical position, threading the seatbelt through the clip on the back of the seat and then pushing down from inside the top of the shell of the seat to get it as close to 45 degrees as possible.

Also, could you take the carseat to a test drive/viewing of the car?

And just one more point, this site has the current British standards for car seats - you might want to check that the cosy tot still meets them, if not you might want to think about changing it (if a modern seat would be safer) check here

nicm Wed 10-Mar-10 12:42:25

hi, you could call britax on Support Phone: 01264 386034 and see what they say. when i called them about the group 1 rf seats they were very helpful.

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