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3 car seats in back of Honda Jazz

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EggyAllenPoe Tue 02-Mar-10 13:24:37

2004 Honda Jazz

2* forward facing 9mo-3 years
1* rear facing?

and then 2* forward facing 1* booster seat? does this work?

there is a three point harness for the middle seat that pulls down from the ceiling.

travelling with 3 under 3s who can reach each other - hell?

i love my Jazz, but I am really worried this just isn't going to work.

mnistooaddictive Tue 02-Mar-10 13:27:05

Go to mothercare and try putting the seats in the back to see if they actually do fit. The problem that they can then reach each other is more difficult. If you don't need to fit a partner in you could put the eldest in the front?

TubbyDuffs Tue 02-Mar-10 13:29:58

I managed to get two forward facing car seats and a booster in a Honda Jazz. Was a fair old struggle though as found it hard to find the clicky bit for the seat belt under the seats!

I loved my Honda Jazz, but had to let her go (sob). I now drive a huge car, which I love just as much (I am so fickle).

Don't honestly think you have a cat in hell's chance of fitting 2 car seats and a rear facing one in tbh.

EggyAllenPoe Tue 02-Mar-10 13:40:34

thanks ladies. I do have a DH, although i could squish in the middle, if we were all traveling...

i am very reluctant to get a bigger car - i don't want one, and i doubt very much it would be as reliable as the Jazz..

so i guess its - put dd in the front and me in the middle back (not v. comfortable) until she is old enough for booster (and yell at them alot)

or forget it and get a bigger car. there is a toyota previa online but it would have to be instead of rather than as well as. don't want to. >sulky pout<

darcymum Tue 02-Mar-10 13:43:45

I have a honda jazz and had three under three all in the back in car seats.

One rear facing, one a five point, front facing and one highliner, you know a boaster with the back bit. I had the oldest in the middle who was two years 10 months when the youngest arrived. It was difficult strapping the middle one in but we managed, she rides up front in the week.

You need to go and try some car seat though as not all would fit.

darcymum Tue 02-Mar-10 13:46:04

I didn't want to get a bigger car either so still have mine 18 months late and have no plans to change it.

EggyAllenPoe Tue 02-Mar-10 14:00:17


knowing a thing is possible is the first step to achieving it!

1Littleboy1Bigboy Sun 14-Mar-10 19:35:57

i have had lots of Honda jazz cars!!

I have also had to try lots of car seats as i have had buckle crunch with all of them. I now have an britax isofix forward facing seat for my 2 year old. I can just about fit 3 seats in the back (if not isofixed) but i would not have it like that as a permanent fixture as the seatbelts are not secure enough for my peace of mind.

Also having a child in the front requires the air bag to be turned off - don't think you can in a 2004 model.

horseymum Fri 19-Mar-10 15:03:39

wow we have a jazz and an astra (my car) and can't even fit 3 in my car - didn't even bother trying in jazz as it is much smaller than astra and there is no way they will fit properly in astra. we are trying to decide what to get for when dc3 arrives. I would be quite careful about checking they they are all fitting squarely and firmly as we tried every combination of seats we own (about 5 just now!) to see if we could squeeze 3 in and none would go. However, if there is a magic comination that would fit, it would be loads cheaper to buy new seats than a new car and i would happily do that if we could only but find it!

darcymum Fri 19-Mar-10 15:07:46

I tried quite a few seats in the back of mine before getting ones that didn't buckle crunch. They all fit, bit tight, but they fit.

sazm Fri 19-Mar-10 22:09:22

go to halfords/mothercare/toys r us,they will try some in,
my 3 seats have fitted in a 3 dr corsa, an mgzr,a focus,and astra and now in our vectra.

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