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2 year old already 17kg - what's the best next car seat option?

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Tiredoutmum Thu 25-Feb-10 20:22:58

Hi there

Have posted similar message in response to another thread but wondered if anyone has been in the same position as me and has any suggestions?

My son is 17kg and is 2 and 3 months so is likely to hit the weight restriction for his current car seat (Maxi Cosi Tobi) by the time he's two and a half. But he seems way too little to be in a high back booster designed for the 4 plus market (the fact it's only restrained by an adult seat belt worries me with regards to internal injuries if there was a crash).

Having done some research, the Kiddy Comfort Pro seems to be the best option as it still offers good support and will last him till he's 11 or so. Has anyone bought and tried this model and do people know how accurately we should stick to the weight restrictions? The Maxi Cosi still seems as if it'll be safer even when he's outside the 18kg limit.

Loopymumsy Thu 25-Feb-10 20:44:45

Message withdrawn

nicm Thu 25-Feb-10 21:15:59

the seats are only tested to 18kgs so should not be used after this so i would stick to them and like you i don't think i would want to put a small child in a hbb before 4/5 years. afaik the kiddy can only be used with the table until 18kgs and then it's just like other hbbs.

i don't think there are any seats in the uk that are harnessed over 18kgs other than some of the rf seats. check out they have the weights listed on the website.

i have the britax two way elite and am using it rf for ds who is nearly 15kgs and 22 months shock and it can be used rf or ff harnessed to 25kgs.

saltcod Thu 25-Feb-10 22:58:04

Hi, I'm in the same position as the OP except DS is 3 yrs 2 months.

Nicm, just reading your post & I'm not clear as to whether the Britax 2 way elite is harnessed for over 18 kg in ff mode or not? Your 3rd paragraph says it is but paragraph 2 says only rf ones are...?

I would like to keep DS harnessed for quite a bit longer if poss... don't think he's ready for a HBB yet. But have all the seats I've found only seem to support up to 15 - 18 kg using the harness


BertieBotts Thu 25-Feb-10 23:01:37

Yes the Kiddy Comfort Pro can only be used with the impact cushion to 18kg, so would just be a normal HBB after that.

Try looking for special needs seats as they will have a 5-point harness for larger children.

BertieBotts Thu 25-Feb-10 23:03:03

The Britax 2WE is a rear facing and forward facing seat, I think you can use the harness for 25kg. I don't like the look of the side impact protection on it though.

nicm Thu 25-Feb-10 23:16:00

sorry saltcod...not to be so clear(i'm so tired!!) but the twe can be used ff harnessed to 25kgs or rf.

bertiebotts the sip doesn't look that good but apparently the wings are as deep on this as the besafe?! i think it's because the seat is so big it looks smaller iykwim. doesn't look as good as the KISS i have just got though. i think i'm becoming a car seat addict blush

BertieBotts Thu 25-Feb-10 23:44:29

Don't worry I get similarly fascinated by car seats and buggies etc... I have no idea why! They don't look that deep to me on the besafe either, but you are right, it is hard to tell from a picture, and possibly they look shallow to me because I am used to DS' Group 0+ seat which is much deeper in proportion, but smaller overall.

saltcod Fri 26-Feb-10 18:15:38

thank you Nicm & BB... you've both been very helpful. Will take a closer look at the Britax one now I know it will last DS a fair while

barristermum Fri 26-Feb-10 20:15:30

Am in exactly same position as opener and went to John Lewis today as my little (only not so little) girl's head is starting to pop over the top of her current car seat. They tried her in the type 2-3 to check that the 3 point ordinary seat belt would rest properly on her shoulder and not cut into neck and even though it did they said she really shouldn't be in a normal seat belt with car seat until about 3 and a half as bone density isn't good enough. They went for the 1-2-3 types discussed above with a harness which you then dispense with once they're bigger. Still haven't chose tho' - was gutted not to be leaving the harness behind super-early.

Steggie Sat 27-Feb-10 15:57:14

We have a Britax Elite (not the 2 way elite) that forward faces in a 5 point harness to 25kgs. They are quite hard to come by but check ebay.

DD (age 5) is very happy and comfortable in it.

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