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Kiddy Infinity Pro or Comfort Pro in new MINI?

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gingerbreadlatte Tue 23-Feb-10 16:23:30


Im looking to get a kiddy comfort or infinity pro for my MINI- does anyone know if they fit ok, specifcally with the weird slope on the seat?

I've read that its ok in a Clubman but I dont know if the seats are the same as the MINI One or Cooper.

BTW, I know rearfacing is safest and would be my first choice as we have a rearfacing seat in my DHs car. However there is no way of getting my daughter into the back of a 3 door car and into a rearfacing carseat without dislocating part of my body grin

Failing getting the Kiddy to fit - I will probably have to change my car for one with 5 doors.

thank you!

gingerbreadlatte Tue 23-Feb-10 17:34:00


nicm Tue 23-Feb-10 23:11:18

hi sorry i can't be any help about the fitting but just wanted to let you know that someone on the rf board has a besafe isofix in a mini!

bump for you anyway...

gingerbreadlatte Wed 24-Feb-10 07:26:02

Thanks Nicm

How on earth do they get the DC in and out!

I'd love for this to work for me but dont see how on a practical note.

nicm Wed 24-Feb-10 11:04:39

i'm not too sure!! i would like to see it too. ask on or have a look through the threads on there and maybe you can find them and they will send you photos or advise you.

i used my twe in my mums 3 door clio and just had to get in the back and ds climbed into his seat and i clipped him in. not any easier or harder than getting into any 3 door car for me ff or rf. wouldn't be easy though if you had another seat in the car iykwim.

Cutsey Thu 25-Feb-10 21:42:58

I think the Kiddy Infinity pro will fit your MINI. They fit virtually all cars as the whole philosophy with them is that the back part of the seat shodl be secured against the bench back but it doesn't have to be bolt up tight. The seatback comes with the child slighlty if you slam on the brakes. I think the length of the seatbelt is the only issue as you have to make sure it reaches across the impact shield, and I;m sure your MINI is new enough for this to be ok.

gingerbreadlatte Sat 13-Mar-10 16:58:35

Just to update here, I have now got an Comfort Pro in my MINI One. Its fits just fine and its great car seat. DD isnt quite sure about the pad thing yet but she is getting there.

Its a good option in a car that would be very tricky to have a rearfacing seat to 4 yrs.


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