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family car recommendations

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jocie Sun 14-Feb-10 21:00:53

hi not really sure the bet place to post this so plumped for here.
we have a renault senic which we need to get rid of as its costing us more to keep repairing it that what it cost to buy it! id quite like a 7 seater so that when i go out with friends and their kids we only need to take 1 car ( have 2 children) but my oh isn't too keen. sooo i need rcomendations of a nice sized family car. It needs to have a good sized boot(like our senic),
3 adult sized rear seats that move independently of each other, central locking, fairly cheap to run, reliable and not extortionate to repair.
any ideas!!

nicm Sun 14-Feb-10 22:14:24

ha ha! i saw the title and was coming in to tell you to stay away from renault! i had a grand scenic too. no help though sorry as i got a golf this time! could get my 3 car seats in the back and big pram in the boot so i didn't care. good luck with the search, although anything is probably more reliable than renault wink

jocie Mon 15-Feb-10 13:55:26

thanks smile, when we got the senic didn't realise how bad renaults were but i really liked the space inside the car and the fact it was higher off the ground. oh well am gonna keep trying to convince hubby that we need a 7 seater as am just bout to do a childminding course so i'll need the extra seats for my mindee's. wink

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