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Bugger, our old Maxi Cosi doesn't fit our new car

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Fruitbatlings Sun 14-Feb-10 18:32:51

We've just got an old BMW 318is and tried to fit ds1's old car seat in (for DS2 to use). I can't believe it doesn't fit angry
So, is there a website which tells you which seats fit in which cars? We'll be buying a more practical car in a couple of months, probably a Ford Focus so we want something that'll fit in both cars. I'm quite surprised about Maxi Cosi as we've never had a problem fitting it into various cars. Car seats are so bloody expensive too!

differentID Sun 14-Feb-10 18:35:38

Maxi Cosi website only mentions the isofix seats.

Britax do a fit finder which has tested more seats. How old is the car?

CarGirl Sun 14-Feb-10 18:35:40

Try the britax website.

Will it work if you use the isofix base with it?

The britax baby seats have an alternate belt routing to accommodate short seat belts.

But I think BMW market their own baby seats........I have a BMW stage I & II seat.......

Pingpong Sun 14-Feb-10 18:40:29

if it's an old car it might not have isofix though. I've got an old Golf and got the easyfix base for the Maxi Cosi so the straps go in the base and you clip in the seat to the base. Would that be an option?

Fruitbatlings Sun 14-Feb-10 19:53:54

It's about 15 years old so pretty old! I've been using an isofix base with our infant maxi cosi but our stage one seat doesn't have an isofix base as it's an old style one. Shame as it's in really good condition, such a shame to have to buy a whole new seat! Can you buy isofix bases for older style Maxi Cosies?

Fruitbatlings Sun 14-Feb-10 19:59:56

I'll try the Britax website. BMW car seat wouldn't be an option as I want to get a Ford Focus soon so it would have to fit in that too smile

chegirlshadabloodynuff Sun 14-Feb-10 20:11:17

I am putting off looking for a car seat for baby to be. I have an old Clio and last time I could only get one car seat that fit.

I am thinking of getting one that just stays in the car rather than a carrier. Anyone used one of those?

Fruitbatlings Sun 14-Feb-10 20:17:24

I think, from birth, you need a carrier but I could be wrong.
The Britax website was very helpful, I discovered the Prince and the Eclipse fit in both the BMW and a Ford Focus, so it's all good! Thanks for that smile

differentID Sun 14-Feb-10 22:41:55

how old is the clio chegirl?

llareggub Sun 14-Feb-10 22:44:21

Does it work with the seat belt rather than the isofix base?

chegirlshadabloodynuff Sun 14-Feb-10 23:03:03

different its about 15 years old.

Seat belt too short for the new seats because you keep the handle up on them. (or do you put them down?). Anyway I need the old style car seat.

I hate flipping car seats!

differentID Sun 14-Feb-10 23:08:51

so M-reg?

I would probaby say have a look at the new Maxi-Cosi Pebble with the EasyBase2 option, rather than familyfix.

That way you have the base right the way through for about 3.5 years as the next stage car seat will also fit onto the base which makes it lighter.

It is expensive, but it's a bout the best on the market.

have a look here

chegirlshadabloodynuff Sun 14-Feb-10 23:46:21

Thank you. I dont know if its an M reg because it has a private plate (nothing to do with me - it came with it).

Rubbish with cars generally.

I am a bit scared to look at that link. I know its going to be expensive grin. But I will.

Thanks again.

Tweetinat Sun 21-Feb-10 22:13:22

DifferentID is the next stage car seat (Pearl) definitely compatible with the EasyBase2? I've read that it only works with the FamilyFix?

SydneyScarborough Sun 21-Feb-10 22:16:58

Message withdrawn

onadietcokebreak Sun 21-Feb-10 22:21:23

Britax do an infant carrier with an alternative belt routing. Mine was the old style babysafe and it had it. I had short belts in my citroen.

BertieBotts Sun 21-Feb-10 22:23:24

You can fit a baby seat in a car with short seatbelts - start with the handle in the down position, thread the lap belt across the car seat, then pull the seat right up almost to a vertical position to thread the diagonal bit around the back of it. When in place push from inside the seat to get it back into a sitting/lying position - as close to 45 degrees as possible. Then put the handle back into the upright position, if it needs to go that way.

You can get seats which stay in the car which are suitable from birth. The Britax First Class is a good one, but I believe it requires fairly long seatbelts for rear facing installation (it needs to be rear facing for a baby, then turns forward facing for a toddler)

Alternatively some of the seatbelt fitted bases for baby seats use less belt than a seat fitted using the belt.

differentID Sun 21-Feb-10 22:26:48

I've been having a more detailed look recently and it doesn't appear that it will. sad

However, the easybase 2 with the cabriofix or pebble is still a good option for first stage.

BertieBotts Sun 21-Feb-10 22:27:25

Fruitbat - how old/heavy/long is DS2? Could he stay in the baby seat until you buy the Focus?

Also try ebay or put a wanted ad on freecycle for car seat base for old maxi cosi - you don't want isofix though do you? Just a base that fits with the seatbelt - isofix is on newer cars, 2003+.

Fruitbatlings Mon 22-Feb-10 18:32:09

Bertie. DS2 is 11 months old. Doubt we'd buy the Focus much before the end of April. He's getting squished in the infant carrier and it's virtually impossible to get him into the seat/the seat into the car as it's a two door (not my choice btw angry)
it's not the length of the seat belt that's the problem. The belt seems goes all the way through and plugs in fine. But the seat then wobbles around all over the place. I tried a friend's old Britax (can't remember which one) and it did the same as my old group 1 maxi cosi priory.
I'm wondering if the priory with the added seat belt tightener would work...? We actually have an old one of those too but it's covered in mould from being in the shed for two years blush Mould is a bugger to get out. It smells too hmm
I went to mothercare at the weekend but it's more expensive than halfords online. But can't get seats fitted online at halfords aaaagghhhh!!!!

I think my old maxi cosi is too old for a base, I don't think they were doing the bases then.

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