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Car seat for 9 months to 11 years

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Househunter Sun 14-Feb-10 10:38:03

Can anyone recommend a car seat which does well on safety testing for 9 months to 11 years? My dd (21 months) is very tall and we need a car seat for a second car. We already have a 9 month to 4 years (Maxi Cosi PrioriFix) which I am happy with but I can't see it lasting till she is 4, so I'd like one that will last a bit longer.

Thanks for any advice.

Househunter Sun 14-Feb-10 10:41:43

Was wondering about this sort of thing but don't know how safe they are supposed to

Carseatcrazy Mon 15-Feb-10 09:44:29

Hi Househunter. If it's of any interest to you, I have a Recaro Young sport for sale that I have only used on one occassion. I did a lot of research when we were looking, and it seemed to come out very well. But then I found some additional research about rearfacing seats, and we decided to keep our son rearfacing until he's 4 (or as long as we can), so this seat is sat unused in the way. (I have now got two rearfacing seats, so we desperately need to clear a bit of space!) I must confess, I wouldn't advocate using forward facing until your dd is a bit older, but this seat lasts until 12. I would like £90 for it, given that it costs £145 newm and we have used it on one ocassion (and I can 100% vouch that is has NEVER been involved in any accident of any sort) Let me know if it's of interest.

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