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klippan isofix safety system

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nicm Fri 05-Feb-10 17:13:33


just to let anyone who is after a rf seat that the in car safety centre in belfast and milton keynes is now stocking this seat, apparently it is just like the graco duologic.

i went to get a besafe for ds today and came away with this! is really easy to install as no tether straps, just click in the isofix, drop the support leg and done.

thumbs up from ds too as he slept the whole way home!


Hevf Sat 06-Feb-10 22:37:47

Can I ask how much you paid? and if poss would love to see a pic as I can't find any info on the seat on line and I was going to buy the duologic but would be v intrested in an alt.



nicm Sat 06-Feb-10 23:41:32

hi, can you CAT me and i can email you some photos? it is the duologic but is named this for the uk market as it has different fabrics than the imported ones. something to do with british standards.

Hevf Sun 07-Feb-10 20:24:08


I've sent you a PM on the rear facing forum as don't understant the CAT thing blush Sorry.

nicm Tue 09-Feb-10 10:27:23

hi hevf, sorry have been a bit under the weather so might not get out to do photos for a few days! you could contact simon on 028 9074 2052 and maybe he could advise you about the seat. will email you on rf when i feel better.


Hevf Tue 09-Feb-10 17:42:33

I've e-mail milton keynes and they don't have one in yet, and are waiting to approve it when they get one which is on route.

Take it easy and get better soon.

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