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If you have RF stage 1 seats (especially ones that brace against the seat back)

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Loopymumsy Thu 04-Feb-10 15:07:36

Message withdrawn

GhoulsAreLoud Thu 04-Feb-10 15:09:26

Hmm, haven't encountered this problem yet as DD's legs don't reach the front yet.

I'm guessing the safest option would be to take their shoes off, but would also be very time consuming!

Sorry, I'm no help!

Spottydog Thu 04-Feb-10 15:54:46

what about this?

Loopymumsy Thu 04-Feb-10 19:04:47

Message withdrawn

GhoulsAreLoud Thu 04-Feb-10 19:10:40

I looked at my rf carseat when I put DD in the car earlier and thought of you loopy - I wonder if you could just drape an old, thin blanket over the back seat?

I've got a feeling they might have said something about the proper protectors making the seats too slippy when we bought DD's, but I could be totally making that up!

TruthSweet Thu 04-Feb-10 19:54:33

I would not use anything that is going in between the child's car seat and the car's car seat. It may not be safe in an accident and it could invalidate your car seat's warranty/be against the instructions.

We use this but instead of hanging it over the driver/front passanger seat like in the picture, we hang it from the head rest of the seat the car seat is on. (IYSWIM confused)

thisisyesterday Thu 04-Feb-10 19:57:59

yes, we have the besafe and i use a seat protector with it.
the in car safety centre in milton keynes fitted our seats and didn't mention it, and they also sell them so I presumed (tho didn't; ask) that it's not a problem.

the fact is, the seat is also tethered down, and it's braced very, very firmly. we have tried moving ours once it's fitted and we can't.
I Know in an accident there would be greater forces in play, but I'm not sure a piece of rubbery fabric would make so much difference??

TruthSweet Fri 05-Feb-10 18:38:52

You know me TIY, anal to a fault over car seats grin. By the by (and sorry OP for the hijack) I've got the play tray still to give you. Meet up some time?

woodyandbuzz Fri 05-Feb-10 18:46:14

I have my DD in a rear facing britax two way elite. I take her shoes off before putting her in it.

Loopymumsy Sat 06-Feb-10 09:06:26

Message withdrawn

TruthSweet Sat 06-Feb-10 14:53:53

Loopymumsy - the seat cover I linked to is incredibly thin (probably less than 0.5mm thick) but very good at protecting the seat behind. You may even find it doesn't reach all the way to the bight of the seat so might not get in the way of the bracing as it doesn't reach the bight on our Mazda Premacy back seats by about 2".

I left some crayons in the mesh pocket at the top and in the summer heat they melted and streamed down from the pocket - the car seat itself is fine but the scuff 'n' stuff is multi-coloured now grin.

thisisyesterday Mon 08-Feb-10 22:05:19

ahh sorry. only just spotted the hijack lol

i realised the other day that the playtray wont actually fit on because there isn't enough space between the seats each side!

thisisyesterday Mon 08-Feb-10 22:05:40

we should still meet up though!

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