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Where can I get a Head Hugger/ Newborn Head Support Thingie for a Maxi Cosi Car Seat?

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extremelychocolateymilkroll Tue 02-Feb-10 11:16:45

Have borrowed a Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix Car Seat from a friend but there's no head hugger for supporting a newborn baby's head. Have called Maxi Cosi and they only sell a complete fabric set including the head hugger for £39.99. Does anyone know where I could get one cheaper or improvise in some way?? TIA

MyNewPans Tue 02-Feb-10 18:02:42

£5.99 Mothercare

gingerbreadlatte Tue 23-Feb-10 16:35:20

THe mothercare thing isnt the same though. The proper maxicosi one has a wedge that goes under the baby to keep the body flatter in the seat.

I had the same thing but fortunately the lender of the seat found that bit for me in the end.

I'd pay the £39 if i wasnt having to pay for the seat its self to ensure my baby was in the correct position.

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