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a booster with 5 point harness or booster with isofix

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kbaby Sun 31-Jan-10 15:42:49

Im trying to find a booster with 5 point harness and isofix but so far google hasnt found anything.
DS is 15kgs and if I cant find the above what should I go for? A booster with 5 point harness that is safer but will then convert to an adult belt when he gets to 18kg or a normal booster with adult belt now but isofix.

I dont know which would be safer for him. I know a 5 point harness is safer than and adult belt and iso fix better than none but as I cant find a seat that does both I need to choose.


loopy9 Sun 31-Jan-10 16:23:03

Hmm I'd like the same thing, my lo is 18kgs but is only 2yr 8 months and I'd like a 5 point harness group 3 booster and I can't find anything...

Anyone who can help!?

MrsBadger Sun 31-Jan-10 16:43:15

5pt harness more important than isofix at 15kg

loopy, you need a stage 2 not a stage 3 anyway. worth trying a 123 seat eg britax evolva 123 ultra

kbaby Mon 01-Feb-10 13:21:37

Why cant they just make what we need!

So far Ive found non isofix ones. The only highback booster with a harness I can find are;
Recardo young sport
britax 123 evolva
Mothercare advance
kiddypro with the cusion
mamas and papas with a cusion.

I dont know if any of these are suitable for you

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