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high back booster with 5 point harness and iso fix

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kbaby Sun 31-Jan-10 15:29:37

Does anyone know if any are available?

I can find boosters with the 5 point harness but none that are isofix.


mnistooaddictive Sun 31-Jan-10 21:51:58

I couldn't find one. I think there is one being released later this year but currently none! I spent ages looking.

kbaby Mon 01-Feb-10 13:23:27

Thanks. Ive spent ages too. You think its something that wouldve been done by now.

Oh well back to the drawing board

reup Mon 01-Feb-10 13:27:37

I looked into a 5 point harnesses on a high back booster as my son was only 2 but very big and was over the weight limit for a stage 2 car seat (the 9 months to 4 years sort). It took me a while to realise that you could only use the 5 point harness up to the same weight limit as the stage 2 seat. Then you just use the adult belt.

Sorry if that not something you need to know but it suprised me at the time so I always tell others who are interested in them.

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