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To isofix or not?

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Yorky Sun 31-Jan-10 10:19:27

Sorry for yet another 3-in-a-row question, and for being a bit long winded

DC3 is due in late May and we can't fit our current 2 priorifix seats and the rear facing one on the middle bench seat of our Zafira, so DS (will be 3.4 when baby arrives) will have to sit in the boot. He thinks this is great. We are planning to use the health in pg grant to buy him the Kiddy comfort plus seat (9months - 12yrs) as there are no isofix points on the rear seat so having the leg in the way just limits his leg room.

The first stage car seat we have is a Graco one, with the base which fastens with a seatbelt which we got as part of a travel system before DS was born and didn't know we had isofix blush
I want to replace this car seat with a maxi-cosi cabriofix as when the seats are attached with the isofix fittings I can still slide the bench seat forwards so DS doesn't have to climb in through the tailgate and over the buggy, and make it easier to reach to fasten his seatbelt. This doesn't work when the seat base is permanently seat belted in as the seat belt holds the whole bench seat in place!

DH thinks its a lot of money for something we already have, part of me can see his point, but...

MN jury, over to you! Any thoughts/experiences with these seats or recommendations for alternatives gratefully received


bidibidi Sun 31-Jan-10 17:33:51

If you use the car A LOT (daily, or almost) I would probably go for the new seat set up (as you propose) because of the convenience and it sounds like you can afford it even if you like to be careful with money otherwise. If you only use the car sporadically then I wouldn't bother.

That's a wwyd answer, but hope it might help?

Yorky Mon 01-Feb-10 09:04:09

Thanks bidibidi, that's where I'm coming from, as a pretty much daily driver I think I'd see the practical advantages more than DH.

I couldn't buy a 2nd hand car seat, but not sure how I'd feel about a 2nd hand base?

CMOTdibbler Mon 01-Feb-10 09:10:01

The seat bases are really rugged, so I didn't see any problem in buying one second hand, and then sold mine on ebay afterwards.

I think that I'd def do isofix in your case

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