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JANE STRATA- anyone got one? please help!

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missymum Fri 29-Jan-10 18:04:49

Am really struggling with the length of the straps in this carseat and cannot believe how tight/ short. they are. My 8wk old dd weighs about 10ib and if wearing an all in one over her clothes i cannot do the 5 point harness up. in this weather it just would not work to not use a coat and how the hell does a bigger baby fit in it? am i missing something here? please help !

missymum Fri 29-Jan-10 20:00:30


nicm Fri 29-Jan-10 22:10:43

don't have this seat but you shouldn't use a snow suit in a car seat or a big coat. the straps would not be tight enough in an accident. with ds i used a cosy toes on his maxi cosi cabrio-but this was very thin and now in his two way elite i put a blanket over him in the car and a hat on. hth

missymum Sat 30-Jan-10 15:48:10

thanks. i can see it would be safer not to use an all in one. i still think a larger baby would struggle to fit in these straps though which is why i am wondering if i am doing something wrong with the strap adjustment, it has a five point harness instead of the standard 3 which means there aren't enough holes in the back of most cosytoes, hence why i resorted to a snow suit which i will have to stop doing.
has anyone else found this tricky with a jane strata? it seems that a baby has to get cold during transfer to pram otherwise??!

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