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Maxi cosi Familyfix reviews.

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Blaithin Sat 23-Jan-10 10:49:47

Hi, I was told in Mothercare last week that the Maxi cosi Familyfix will be available in a week or two. Does anyone know where I could see a review of this for safety? Which and Mumsnet seem to recommend the cabrio-fix. I would go for familyfix, but would like to see reviews or tests first. Thanks.

nicm Sat 23-Jan-10 22:00:24

we had the maxi cosi cabrio for ds and have now moved him to a britax two way elite(

group 1 rear facing seats are becoming more popular, so you may only use the base for the pebble iykwim and then change to a rf seat? this may influence your decision.

BertieBotts Sun 24-Jan-10 16:12:11

That does sound like a good idea, however as nicm says, it does tie you into buying a Maxi Cosi seat for the next stage which you may later decide you don't want. So that is something to consider too.

Blaithin Sat 30-Jan-10 10:46:32

thanks a lot for this. very helpful. thinking about going for the maxi cosi cabriofix

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