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asda baby event - nania trio new baby car seat

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notfarmingatthemo Thu 06-Jun-13 07:49:20

@carseatguru which are the other don't buys and best buys. I am not in uk so can't do the trial

Carseatguru Wed 05-Jun-13 15:42:40

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mollysmummy77 Thu 03-Feb-11 20:42:27

I have to disagree with some of the comments on here. We bought a nania car seat for my dd when she was about 18 months old and I loved it. She was comfy and I found it very sturdy. In fact, I was sorry to sell it when she outgrew it.

sazm Sun 30-Jan-11 09:14:23

i was very shocked when i bought a car seat for my dd, as that was the first time id actually researched seats properly,before that (with my ds)
i didnt know anything about carseat safety testing - i thought they were all the same,i also didnt know that all carseats dont fit in all cars,
we were lucky that the seats we had bought until then had fitted well.
i also checked the which reports and was shocked that the seat my ds was in (which cost me £200) was a dont buy!!!and also the seat my sister was using for her baby (jane matrix)was also a dont buy!!

BertieBotts Sun 30-Jan-11 01:35:57

Oh that has reassured me, sazm DS goes in one of these seats in his childminder's car occasionally - she only ever drives short distances and wouldn't be doing more than 30 anyway due to the roads, but I was a bit dubious having read so many bad things about them.

sazm Sun 30-Jan-11 01:26:40

the only safety test they have to pass is securing the child in a 30mph frontal crash- yes??
they legally dont have to have side impact protection,and also how often do you drive at 30mph?the road i drive on everyday is a 60mhp limit,so i want one thats tested well over 30mph!

dadstheword Fri 28-Jan-11 18:53:02

I think you're all being a bit over dramatic. after actually reading what the saftey standards are and what these seats have to pass i think the nania seat is fine. We got it for my daughter and it is not flimsy and fits very well and if anything is better than an old gracco seat that we had.

The standrards are also for the whole of europe not just the UK so if you are looking at one of these seats i think it is worth the money. if you can afford more than buy it but otherwise its worth a purchase.

fairimum Fri 23-Apr-10 23:03:08

We got one in the last baby event just an emergency spare for my mums car. have had to use it several times in the last couple of weeks. it is ok, but needs a good deal of force to get it secure with the seatbelt (otherwise wobbles), but is ok once in.... is flimsy and doesn't have much padding... if we could have afforded to pay more for a seat we would have done... would never consider it for anything other than vey occassional use... even then wish we had something better...

LadyintheRadiator Wed 21-Apr-10 09:53:00

Bump for any other info on this... I was going to get one just as a spare to keep at my mum's house...

issysmilkbottle Tue 20-Apr-10 17:46:13

is this seat really that bad? I ordered one online before reading this and am now worried....

barose Fri 22-Jan-10 15:26:17

thanks bertiebotts, there is no chance of her wearing a coat anyway in her seat, she is 5mts but wearing clothes for 9-12 mths, health visitor says there are only 2% of babies at her age that are her size.

Phoenix Wed 20-Jan-10 16:57:13

I'm looking for my 6mth old ds2 a rear facing seat for the same reason. We had a Britax First Class for ds1 when he was around 5/6mth (dh snapped the polystyrene on it so we didn't bother saving it for dc2.) We haven't got the money to spend that much on a car seat this time (especially when we have a Britax isofix forward facing one anyway for when he is ready for that.) so i'm thinking of buying a Graco Junior Mini which i've found on Ebay for £72.95.

I went to Asda yesterday to buy one of the nania ones (before i read this) and luckily, by the sounds of it, none of the stores in our area even got any.

BertieBotts Tue 19-Jan-10 16:24:38

Yes the Britax first class is a good seat if you do need a bigger one, it's about £110 I think - similar price to most Group 1 seats. But a 5 month old should not have grown out of a group 0+ seat - they can be used comfortably to over a year by the majority of babies.

BertieBotts Tue 19-Jan-10 16:19:15

There is a baby seat in Argos at the moment for £21 which looks ok, I haven't seen it myself but worth a look maybe? What seat have you got at the moment? Is it narrow because your DD has a thick winter coat on, because coats should not be used in car seats.

kellyatbabyguds Sat 16-Jan-10 08:04:10

I second what thisisyesterday says as we used to sell these seats and stop for the same reasons as halfords. UK safety standards are actually quite low for car seats so always best to go for one that is tested above and beyond UK standards. The Nania seats fit very poorly and are so flimsy the majority we sold snapped upon regular fitting god knows what would happen in an accident!!

thisisyesterday Thu 14-Jan-10 22:49:14

britax do a seat that goes from birth to 4 years, the first class.

more expensive though.

barose Thu 14-Jan-10 22:47:29

thank you so much for this, i guess if it seems to good to be true .... IT IS!

thisisyesterday Thu 14-Jan-10 22:34:52

i found this on another forum talking about it:

Just a warning to you ladies but i posted this in the asda baby event thread and think you might all like to read it:

Just as a warning to everyone looking at buying the Nania car seat. I was talking to one of the staff in Halfords and she told me to steer clear of them as alot of it is just polystyrene and that is only guaranteed for 4 years. Also, Asda wont be safety checking them and i heard of one women buy one of these seats from Argos and is had a massive crack in the plastic up the back of the seat (it was hidden by the fabric) and Argos dont do safety checks on their car seats. Halfords also no longer stock Nania and the sales assistants in there do try and stear customer's away from them if they do have them. This is also why you shouldnt buy a second hand seat, you never know how old the polystyrene is. Just thought i'd pass this on :-)

SqueezyIsStartinAResolution Thu 14-Jan-10 22:30:44


barose Thu 14-Jan-10 21:18:05

an anyone please tell me if they have used this car seat. My dd is 5 months but the car seat she has been using is very narrow and she is a big girl and is too squashed.

this one seems much wider and im sure asda will not be selling something thaty has not passed saftey standards but you always worry when somthing is too cheap! they are £25


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