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3 child seats across back of Volvo XC90?

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sleepwhenidie Wed 02-Dec-09 22:02:09

Does anyone out there have an XC90 and have managed to fit three child seats across the back seat ie without using one of the very back seats? We have DS, 4, DD 19m and new baby due and were thinking of getting an XC90 but I am now trying to figure out if we can manage some safe combination of car seats for them - the mothercare fitfinder isn't giving (m)any it possible??


Furball Thu 03-Dec-09 07:14:54

The XC90 usually has it's own built in booster seat in the middle and you can buy covers (a seat and back support) for it.

You should then be able to fit 2 other seats on the rear passenger seats either side.

Ask the seller if this is the case with this particular one.

EldonAve Thu 03-Dec-09 07:17:14

Can you fit 3 in without using the volvo booster?

sleepwhenidie Thu 03-Dec-09 08:58:45

Thanks very much, we are looking at one that is for sale at a dealer so presumably they would be able to sort a booster out - I guess if it has a back part then it would be fine for 4yo, will give them a call!

Adventuredad Sun 06-Dec-09 20:04:04

No problem at all. A XC 90/V70 can fit 3 Swedish rear facing seats in back seat. Most narrow ones are the DuoLogic but I've even had 2 Britax Hi-Way and one Maxi Cosi Mobi in back seat without problems. It's a bit tricky to strap middle child in but that's no surprise.

Using one booster will make things easier since these are more narrow.

A far better solution is to use front seat (airbag deactivated) for a rear facing child which is just as safe as the rear.

Let me know at if you want photos.

thisisyesterday Sun 06-Dec-09 20:09:01

we have the volvo v70 and comfortably fit 3 across the back,

2 group 1 rearfacing, and one highback booster.

the xc90 looks even bigger than our v70 so am sure you can do it!

twinmum01 Wed 13-Jan-10 13:47:31


I have twin boys nearly 2yo and expecting a daughter in March. We are looking at the XC90 as want a car that will grow with us. Can anyone confirm that the second row does take 3 forward facing child seats. And if so which ones?

Many thanks

llareggub Wed 13-Jan-10 13:51:09

I've got the XC90 and our booster seat flips under so you can use it as a normal seat.

At the moment we've got the stage 1 maxi cosi ( rear facing) and the next one up (maxi tobi?) and we've been able to fit a large adult inbetween. We've not tried a 3rd carseat yet but I'm sure one would fit.

We love the car, btw.

twinmum01 Wed 13-Jan-10 14:48:42

Thanks. Yes We love the look of the car but just need to make sure that our kids will fit!

katgod Mon 18-Jan-10 14:11:07

is the 3 child family car of choice in south london! i know it takes a britax forward facer and 2 high back boosters. we are at the 2 high back booster stage and will have a rear facer soon. is much much wider than my previous saab 93. go the dealer with all your car seats and ask to put them in - that's what I did. And this when the guy showed me how the middle seat turned into a booster and I fell in love with it!

AmandaFau Tue 02-Feb-10 10:25:22

Has anyone tried a Maxi Cosi Axiss seat (the one that rotates) in an XC90 ?

EldonAve Wed 17-Feb-10 20:06:03

We tried our seats and the dealership and we could not fit 3 seats (high back booster, stage 1 and stage 0)
worked okay with the volvo built in booster though

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