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Best high back booster/ group 2 car seat?

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shish Tue 10-Nov-09 10:34:01

Sorry not really surwe what the exact term would be. My ds1 is now 3.5 and we're looking at the next satge car seat for him.

Does anyone know which is the best one to go for or where I can find out?

Thank you in advance

imaginewittynamehere Tue 10-Nov-09 10:44:15

After much research I went for the Jane Monte Carlo plus as here.

I went for isofix because I decided having to do the seatbelt up when dd1 was not in it would be a faff - twice a day at least for me as I have to drive her to pre-school. (you need to do this with non isofix ones as the seatbelt is what holds them in & not strapped in they would become a missile in the car in an emergency stop situation.)

I'm very pleased with it & dd1 is very comfy.

Only slight downside is that although it is held firmly in the car the top sort of flops forwards, I have got round this by securing the top with the car headrest - a strap or piece of string around it will have to do the same job as she gets taller & the seat gets bigger.

I suspect that this would be a problem with all of these types of car seats though. & as I said I really am pleased with it.

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