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Slimline booster? Is there such a thing?

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Eddas Sat 07-Nov-09 10:15:48

We have a fiesta which is fine for us as only 2 dc, but my issue is when dd wants a friend to play I need an extra booster and it just won't fit in the back. I can't have them in the front as we have an airbag.

Is there such a thing as a slimline booster? I spent ages a few weeks ago trying different boosters from Argos and even if they looked slim in the book they weren't.

I know legally if 3 car seats won't fit then I can have one child(I'd put my dd there,s he's 5) in the middle without a seat, but I feel really uncomfortable with this and would rather have a booster. Or do you think a couple of cusions would be adequate to bump her up a little like the booster would?

What does everyone else do?


kellyatbabyguds Sat 07-Nov-09 11:23:12

You can put one in the front with a booster if you just push the passenger seat as far back as possible to avoid any injury from the airbag. This is legal to do so and would be the safest solution

Eddas Sat 07-Nov-09 16:15:19

really? it would be my 5 year old in the front, I didn't think that would be safe even pushed as far back as possible.

kellyatbabyguds Sat 07-Nov-09 16:19:31

The big danger with airbags and children in the front is when they are rear facing. Is your dd in a high back booster?

Eddas Sat 07-Nov-09 16:30:46

yep she's 5 so in a high back booster, although i'm likely to get a booster cusion for this so she'd be on that.

kellyatbabyguds Sat 07-Nov-09 16:44:42

I don't recommend the basic boosters as they offer no side impact protection at all and also the seat belt can cause a lot of damage to a young neck if not held in place properly. She's fine in the front if like I said you move the seat as far back as possible and I would strongly recommend keeping her in a high back booster.

Eddas Sat 07-Nov-09 17:17:19

thanks for helping me, I think i'll see if I can find any high back boosters that don't cost the earth as I won't need it very often and I don't have any money really. Certainly don't want to gamble on safety though.

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