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bebe confort iseos tt- anyone got instructions?

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thisisyesterday Sat 10-Oct-09 12:19:12

can't find the instruction booklet for mine and i want to know how to fit it rearfacing, but can't remember!
anyone got instructions handy? it'll only apply to older models cos they don't sell it as rear-facing any more

thisisyesterday Sun 11-Oct-09 20:28:39


differentWitch Sun 11-Oct-09 20:35:36

the instructions should be on the side of the car seat. They will be printed in blue for rear facing of it is suitable and red for forward facing.

thisisyesterday Sun 11-Oct-09 21:03:08

no, it onlyh as the forward facing instructions on the side.

iknow in the booklet it has the rear-facing instructions but i just can't find the blinking thing anywhere.

is this of any use?
free instructions to download

thisisyesterday Sun 11-Oct-09 21:32:58

ahh thanks, but no, already seen that and it also only has the one for forward facing, or the newer rear-facing one

i know my booklet is in the house somewhere andit's doing my head in lol. it slots into the back of the seat, but fell out wheni was changing it to my mums car,i brought it inside and now.... poof,gone

LadyLaLa Sun 11-Oct-09 21:34:29

Have you looked on YouTube? they often have demo videos for baby equip there.

do Halfords sell the seat?
you could ask for fitting advice there
lie if you have to and say you bought it there !!

thisisyesterday Mon 12-Oct-09 14:00:27

oh good idea, will check youtube now!

halfords do sell it, but it is no longer sold as rear-facing, they bought out a new specifically rear-facing version

when i got this one for ds1 we bought it as rear and forward facing, and the instructions reflect that, but it;s so long since i tried fitting it rear-facing i've forgotten how it goes lol

sazm Tue 13-Oct-09 17:38:02

how old is the seat?

thisisyesterday Tue 13-Oct-09 19:06:51

4 years.don't worry, it isn't past its use by date, we've checked that!

sazm Tue 13-Oct-09 21:20:57

lol,just wondered when you said it had been a while since you had used it!

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