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what age!!

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rockchick69 Sat 10-Oct-09 09:02:04

i am a single mum of one and he is getting pretty tall for his age!!

does anyone know the legal height or weight in britain that a child can go without a car seat/booster seat my ds is 5 years old and im getting fed up with having to carry a car seat around with me coz i dont drive !!xx

CharCharGabor Sat 10-Oct-09 09:04:28

The law says they have to be either 135cm tall or aged 12 (whichever comes first) here

rockchick69 Sat 10-Oct-09 09:13:57

yeah just measured him lol he is 4 ft and hes only 5 lol.still about half a foot to go lol .

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